5 Common Sense Precautions to Protect Your Home From the CCP Virus

The outbreak of the CCP virus has made people hesitate to go out because they are afraid that they might bring the virus back home. In fact, the virus can be warded off if the route of transmission can be cut. The following steps for self-protection are recommended if you want to be as safe as possible after going out.

1. Take off your shoes
The bottom of your shoes is the dirtiest part. You may step on something infected with the CCP virus, so it is a good habit to change your shoes when you go home. Put the shoes outside and wear clean slippers or sandals in the house.

2. Take off your coat
You may change your face mask frequently, but it’s not practical to change your winter coat each time you wear one. Actually, there are different ways to clean it depending on the conditions. If you go to a spacious area with few people, you only need to hang the coat outside of the closet to allow airflow, preferably in the sun. If you travel on public transport, take off your coat gently without shaking it after you get home, and gently clean the coat with 75 percent alcohol or a disinfectant. After cleaning it, hang it outside the closet to dry.

3. Take off your face mask
A face mask is your major means of protection. Change it when needed, wear it the correct way up, and do not wear it on both sides. If you encounter people on a regular basis, it is suggested that the mask be removed according to the recommended method and thrown into the trash. The protective quality of the mask will decrease and the possibility of being infected will increase after several hours of use.

4. Wash your hands
It is crucial to wash both hands including these seven areas; inner side, outer side, finger joints, fist, thumb, nail seam, and wrist. This method is effective in preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria. Wash your hands frequently every day.

5. Open the windows
Opening the window helps recirculate the indoor air, and disperses the CCP virus if it is in the room. On average, 5-10 minutes will allow enough air circulation. The air outside will not bring in the virus as its concentration is insignificant to warrant concern.

Translated by Audrey Wang and edited by Helen