Korea’s Brand SHANGPREE Eye Mask

SHANGPREE eye masks help increase elasticity, wrinkle resistance, whitening, and dark circles efficacy;  They can also be applied to the forehead, and neck to give your skin plenty of moisture;  Apply the eye mask for 30 minutes at each use. After a week, your skin will be greatly improved!

Marine Energy ;   Ginseng Berry; Gold Black Pearl.  (1.4g 60ea)

Marine Energy- 

The energy of Spirulina and Marine Complex gives skin a clear look;  Give your eye area’s skin a rest;  Infuse your skin with moisture and minerals.

Ginseng Berry-

Ginseng extract heightens the elasticity of the surrounding     area of the eye ; This perfect eye mask effectively provides nutrients to the skin.

Gold Black Pearl-

The pearl extract nourishes the skin and brightens the area around the eye; Contains black pearl and gold to rejuvenate and reduce wrinkles and signs of aging.