The Most Powerful Chinese Ancient Herbal Prescription- Anti-Epidemic Sachet

Chinese traditional aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment which is popular in the world, it can absorb into the body through the respiratory tract or skin to help relieve mental stress and improve physical and mind health!

Anti-epidemic sachet, recommended by a well renowned Taiwanese doctor- Dr. Hu Naiwen, specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western medicine and biology. Dr. Hu mentions that he sent this herbal sachet to a friend who was in the field of cancer immunotherapy in 2008,The results showed the ability to boost and stimulate the immune system, showing even greater benefits than other well-known remedies!

Product Description:  This ancient herbal prescription anti-epidemic sachet offers multiple benefits for health of our bodies, including: Stimulating and supporting the immune system; Strengthens the immunity to help fend against viral infections;Improves blood circulations; Rebalances excess heat and cold within the vital organs…
Ingredients- The six herbal components offer olfactory benefits (i.e relating to the sense of smell), through the nasal passageways and the lungs. Each sachet can provide added benefits and prove to be more effective than ingesting some of the most popular and potent forms of immune boosting ingredients, like ginseng and reishi mushroom.

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