Natural Mi Ya Hair Color, Herbal Hair Dye & Hair Nutritions

Product Details


  • Hair colorants are natural and nutrient, extracted from Henna, Ginseng, Wheat Oil, Vitamins, Soybean by nanotechnology
  • Open-up hair cuticles by advanced color-blending techniques and cutting-edge technology, allowing for faster absorption of hair colorants & vital micro-nutrients
  • The plant-based, water-soluble ingredients dye and nourish hair & scalp, keep hair soft, smooth, well-nourished
  • Herbal colorants make your hair healthy and look natural. You can blend different colors to produce special effects, i.e. blending chestnut & brown to produce a brown hair with slight red

Vacuum Packed Packets:

  • 3 Applications per pack
  • 0.85 ounce per Application
  • 2 packets per application for colorant & shampoo

Made in Taiwan

Natural Mi Ya uses extracted natural colorants by nanotechnology to open up hair cuticles and allow colorants to soak into the hair. The hair remains normal metabolism and activity which makes the hair elastic, soft & natural.

While most hair color products use a “paint-style” coverage process to cover and wrap the hair, which chokes the hair and causes hair to lose vitality. After long period usage, the hair will be lifeless and brittle. The hair color becomes deadly pale.